Hello readers, this is Nithin. Today’s blog post is regarding one of the best money rewarding apps. Cred is the best Credit card bill payment app. Now you can win rewards and gift vouchers from Cred App.

Now to earn rewards you have to refer your friends. You will Get Rs.750 Amazon Voucher Or ₹1000 Creartrip Voucher. The rewards vary with the number of refers. If you refer and make one sign up you will get the reward of Uber Gift Voucher Worth Rs.150 and similarly for two and more refers you get Cleartrip Cashback Voucher Worth Rs.1000 and Amazon Gift Voucher Worth Rs.750.

How to get the Rewards from CRED App ?

1.First install Cred App from the below given link.

CRED APP link : Here

2.Open and click on Apply to Cred option.

3.Enter your mobile number and verify with OTP.

Note: If you don’t have a credit card use your Parent’s credit card number. The number is only for OTP verification.

4.Now give your details and continue.

5. Allow all permissions and soon your Credit card score is calculated automatically . You will get the Points which score you have on your Credit Card!

6. Once you get your credit score you get Instant Ixigo Voucher of ₹600..!

7. Go to refer now option and start sharing your link with as many friends and ask them to sign up using your link.

8.Once they sign up using your the Cred points increases.

Thats it this way you can earn rewards just by refering.


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