Hi guys this blog post on the features that we want in pubg mobile explains what are the features required and also the features that players what from pubg which cam make pubg mobile more enjoyable and interesting

First Feature : Offline Mode

Ya i Know how people get worried if i say that to have offline mode but just think of it if you that feature in pubg mobile how cool it could be we can play pubg mobile in tains buses and situation when internet is dead , ya i know that pubg is known for battle royale but we need games that look like sniper mode , multiplayer mode with bots will also be fine

Second Feature : MultiPlayer Death Match

I think Many of us may remember a game called Mini Militia where we used to connect to a hotspot and all the rest of the friends can join and bang the game we want same similar feature so that we can Enjoy the pubg game play efficiently with more that 10 friends at a time

Third Feature : Lite Mode in Pubg Mobile

Ya i know that there are many fans for pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite but the issue here is that they both cannot play the game at a time so what pubg can do is add a lite mode in graphics where all tyoes of mobile users can play in one games


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